Thursday 5/10/18...Hip Hop w/ Frankie Zulferino.  ALL dancers are welcome.  $20/at the door.

Monday 5/14/18...Contemporary w/ Alex Wong.  4th Grade & Up.  $50/at the door.  Must be pre registered!  Call SSDS for more info.  (718) 948-0593

Thursday 5/17/18...Musical Theatre w/ Tommy Bracco.  ALL dancers are welcome.  $20/at the door.   



·      Saturday 4/28/18...Picture envelopes due.  

·      Mon 4/30/18, Tues 5/1/18, Wed 5/2/18 & Thurs 5/3/18...Dance pictures.

·      Monday  5/7/18…End of year registration begins.  STAR STRUCK STUDENTS ONLY.   

.      Wednesday 5/16/18…Ticket envelopes will begin being accepted. (10am - 3pm).  

·      Friday 5/25/18 – Monday 5/28/18…Closed for Memorial Day Weekend.

·      Saturday 6/2/18...Final day for ticket envelopes.

·      Monday 6/4/18... Open Registration for NEW students (during studio hours)

.      Saturday 6/16/18...Last day of classes.

·      Monday 6/18/18 & Tuesday 6/19/18 …Dress rehearsals.

·      Saturday 6/23/18 & Sunday 6/24/18...Dance recitals.

·      Monday 8/6/18 (Jazz), Tuesday 8/7/18 (Lyrical), & Wednesday 8/8/18 (Hip Hop)...Open Company Auditions

·      Monday 8/6, 8/13, 8/20 & 8/27...Summer Dance Camp.


1.  END OF YEAR REGISTRATION – To guarantee your child placement in the class of their choice for September’s enrollment, please take advantage of our end of year registration. (OPEN FOR STAR STRUCK STUDENTS ONLY).  We will begin accepting registration on Sunday 5/6/18 from 9:00am-2:00pm.  There are no registration fees, however, September’s tuition is due at this time & is NON REFUNDABLE.  Open Registration for new students will begin Monday 6/4/18 daily during studio hours & continue throughout the summer.

2.  TICKET SALESCASH ONLY.  You will receive a recital ticket envelope.  We will start accepting envelopes on Wednesday 5/16/18 at 10:00am.  Tickets will be pulled FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.  We will not accept your envelope until ALL BILLS ARE PAID IN FULL.  We encourage you to pay your balance before ticket day to alleviate lines.  When you pay your balance, you will receive a ticket to a separate express line.   All ticket envelopes must be handed in by Saturday 6/2/18.  Tickets are $25.00 each & are limited to 10 per family.  If you need extra tickets we will do our best to accommodate you.  Tickets can be picked up at dress rehearsal.  A parent must pick them up.  We will not be responsible for tickets given to students.

3.  SUMMER DANCE PROGRAM – We will be offering a 4 week HIP HOP / ACRO camp on Mondays In August  8/6, 8/13, 8/20 & 8/27.  The cost is $75.00 per student.  We will also offer a toddler tumbling class for 2 year old students for $55.  Payment is due upon registration and is now being accepted.  Space is limited therefore it will be first come first serve.  All students registering for the combo class must be entering PreK-3 in September.   The age divisions are based upon the student’s grade in September 2018.  The schedule is as follows:  

10:15-11:00…Toddler Tumbling  (2 year olds)  /  10:15-11:45…Acro / Hip Hop (PreK-3 & 4)  

11:00-12:30…Acro / Hip Hop (Kindergarten - 1st grade)  /  11:45-1:15…Acro / Hip Hop (2nd - 5th  grade)


  4.  DANCE PICTURES – Emerald Studios will be taking pictures at Star Struck on Monday 4/30, Tuesday 5/1 Wednesday 5/2 & Thursday 5/3.  Room 3 will be available for the children to change.  Company pictures will be shot on Wednesday 5/2.  We will be offering a $55 package which consists of: (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7, (8) wallets & (1) 8x10 group.  An 8x10 Group Only is available for $15.   PICTURES ARE CASH ONLY.  CALL SSDS TO CONFIRM SCHEDULE.  You received it in your packet!


5.  DRESS REHEARSAL – Rehearsal for the recital will take place on Monday 6/18/18 & Tuesday 6/19/18 in the Concert Hall at the College Of Staten Island. Children must arrive at their scheduled time in full costume.  The schedule is as follows:


2:00…TUES 1:15 T/J - TUES 1:15 MOMMY & ME

2:30…TUES 2:00 T/J - TUES 2:45 HH

3:00...MON 3:00 T/J - MON 3:45 HH - THURS  3:00 T/J

3:45…MON 3:45 T/J - MON 4:30 HH - MON 4:30 J/HH - THURS 3:30 T/J - THURS 3:45 J/HH - THURS 4:30 J/HH

4:15…THURS 3:45, 4:30, 5:15 & 6:00 ACRO

4:45…THURS 4:30, 6:00 & 6:45 LYRICAL - THURS 5:15 & 6:00 J/HH - THURS 6:45 HH

5:30… MON 4:30, 5:15 & 6:15 BOYS HH - SAT 11:00  T/J - SAT 11:45 T/J

6:00…MON 7:00 & 7:45 BOYS HH - SATURDAY 10:00 & 10:45 J/HH  

6:30…SAT 10:00 & 10:45 ACRO -  A CHANCE TO DANCE




3:45…TUES 3:30 T/J - TUES 4:15 T/J - TUES 4:15 T/J - TUES 5:00 HH

4:30…TUES 5:00 J/L - TUES 5:45 HH - TUES 6:30 JAZZ - TUES 7:15 HH - TUES 7:15 JAZZ - TUES 8:00 LYR - TUES 8:00 HH



 6. RECITAL INFORMATION – The dance recitals will be held in the Concert Hall at the College Of Staten Island on Saturday 6/23/18 & Sunday 6/24/18. Please double check which show your child will be performing in.

 Sat 6/23/18  12:00pm

Mon 7:45 Boyz

Tues 7:15 Jazz

Tues 8:00 HH

Sat 10:00 Acro

Sat 10:45 Acro

Sat 10:00 J/HH

Sat 10:45 J/HH

Sat 11:00 T/J

Sat 11:45 T/J

A Chance 2 Dance


Sat 6/23/18   3:30pm

Thurs 3:00 T/J

Thurs 3:45 Acro

Thurs 4:30 Acro

Thurs 5:15 Acro

Thurs 6:00 Acro

Thurs 3:45 J/HH

Thurs 4:30 J/HH

Thurs 5:15 J/HH

Thurs 6:00 J/HH

Thurs 4:30 Lyrical

Thurs 6:00 Lyrical

Thurs 6:45 Lyrical

Thurs 6:45 HH


Sat 6/23/18 7:00pm

Tues 2:00 T/J

Tues 2:45 HH

Tues 3:30 T/J

Tues 4:15 HH

Tues 4:15 T/J

Tues 5:00 HH

Tues 5:00 J/L

Tues 5:45 HH

Tues 6:30 T/J

Tues 7:15 HH

Tues 8:00 Lyrical


Sun 6/24/18    1:00pm

Tues 1:15 T/J

Tues 1:15 Mommy & Me

Mon 3:00 T/J

Mon 3:45 T/J

Mon 3:45 HH

Mon 4:30 HH

Mon 4:30 J/HH

Mon 4:30 Boyz HH

Mon 5:15 Boyz HH

Mon 6:15 Boyz HH

Mon 7:00 Boyz HH

Thurs 8:15 Lyrical

Thurs 9:00 Jazz


7.  BACK STAGE MOMS & DADS – If you would like to volunteer to work in the dressing rooms please sign up at the front desk by Saturday 5/12/18.  I will notify you if I need your help.  Back Stage helpers DO NOT need a ticket & are not permitted in the audience during the recital.  No one is permitted back stage without a pass. 

PLEASE NOTE…THE FOLLOWING CLASSES ARE CONSIDERED “BABY” CLASSES:                                                       Tues 1:15 & 2:00 T/J – Tues 2:45 HH Tues 1:15 Mommy & Me - Thurs 3:00 T/J – Sat 11:00 & 11:45 T/J

“Baby” moms will receive a back stage pass.  Baby Tap & Jazz classes will perform BOTH their numbers in the SAME act.  You must have your child back stage at the beginning of their act.  After they perform, you take them into the audience to watch the remainder of the show.  They will receive a trophy before they leave back stage.  THEY DO NOT NEED A TICKET TO SIT ON YOUR LAP HOWEVER IF YOU WANT TO BUY A SEAT FOR THEM YOU CAN.  


      Videotaping is strictly prohibited.

Professional videos will be available for purchase at the show for $50.00.

      Children must arrive ½ hour before show time in full costume with all their dance shoes labeled with their name.  Parents are to drop children off at the back stage door upon their arrival.  Children will be escorted to the dressing room & supervised by Staff.

      Children will be released directly off the stage at the end of the recital one class at a time (with the exception of “Baby” classes).  We will clear out the audience & ask that one parent per child remains to safely escort their child out of the theatre

      All children must remain BACKSTAGE the entire recital.  At no time will performers be permitted to leave the backstage area.  A video monitor will be set up on a movie screen displaying the show for them to view while waiting to perform.  Estimated show time…2 hours!

If you have any questions regarding the information in this newsletter, please call the studio or email us at starstruckdancesiny@gmail.com

We are looking forward to another incredible show.  Thank you for your continuous support.

Miss Gail & Staff


If you have any questions please call the studio

(718) 948-0593 or email us at starstruckdancesiny@gmail.com









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